Michael Katleman is a prolific director and executive producer known for both high octane action and visually engaging, character-centric material. He made his directorial debut in 1990 on the critically acclaimed CHINA BEACH.  From there, he quickly established himself by directing iconic series including ER, NORTHERN EXPOSURE, DARK ANGEL, THE X-FILES and SMALLVILLE.

In 2006, Michael directed his first feature film, Primeval, for Disney and Hollywood Pictures. Primeval was a visual effects-driven action crocodile film shot entirely on location in South Africa starring Orlando Jones and Dominic Purcell.

Since directing his first feature, Michael has established himself as a premiere Executive Producing/Director whose credits include successful series including THE LAST SHIP, LIFE ON MARS, GILMORE GIRLS, TRU CALLING, BIG SHOTS, MY GENERATION, MEMPHIS BEAT, AND EASTWICK.

Most recently, Katleman was the Executive Producer of the CBS summer series ZOO, based on James Patterson's bestselling novel.

Katleman is also an accomplished pilot director: to date four of his pilots have been picked up to series. 

Michael lives in Los Angeles with his wife Allyn and three children.  He’s an avid martial artists and saxophone player who can be found surfing on his days off.